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Female drunk drivers on rise

CHILUMBULU Road has been expanded to dual-carriage and street poles installed much to the delight of pedestrians and motorists using them to beat time and traffic jam in Lusaka City

THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) says the number of women driving under the influence of alcohol is increasing.
RTSA public relations manager Fred Mubanga said out of 10 people arrested every week driving under the influence of alcohol, three are women.
“Our advice to the women-folk is that they should restrain themselves against driving under the influence of alcohol because they risk their lives and that of others as they may be involved in accidents,” he said in an interview.
Mr Mubanga said the survey, which was conducted by Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZAPIR) which showed that women contribute 42 percent towards overspending, did not mean that women are better drivers than men.
He said passengers and motorists are at risk of being involved in a road traffic crash if a vehicle is overspending.
Mr Mubanga said the frequency of overspending vehicles is more prominent along major highways in Zambia.
“Research has shown that drivers driving at high speed are at high risk of being involved in a road crash than drivers driving at a lower speed,’’ he said.
Mr Mubanga said chances of people surviving are higher when the vehicle is slow as compared to those driving at a high speed.
He, however, said the percent of women who overspeed on the roads is lesser than men because they are fewer women drivers in Zambia.
He said RTSA will soon conduct another survey, and that the results will be made available to the public.

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