Letter to the Editor

FAZ and age cheating

Dear editor,
PLEASE may you allow me to comment on the on-going SADC games, especially our under 20 national football team which will be representing this country in the Youth Africa Cup to be hosted by us [Zambia] early next year.
I see no reason why FAZ and the coaching staff should be celebrating the victory over Zimbabwe. I would advise them to put their house in order before we are disqualified from the youth Africa Cup we are hosting. Is Patson Daka still under 20? Please correct me if I am wrong. I have watched him play three under 17 tournaments. I am not saying they are all not eligible to play but there one or two players who should not be part of this team.
Not very long ago, the Mutapa-led under-17 was thrown out of a tournament because of age cheating after two players were found to be over-age. We don’t want this to happen. It is better to lose games with right players than win the cup with over aged players. We are not doing any good to our football.

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