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Father, son in court over debt

AFTER being sued by his son for failing to settle a K200 debt, a father has told the Kitwe court that he no longer wants his son under his roof.
Appearing before principle presiding magistrate Jonah Mwaba and Royd Chinda was Tabonga Mabone who asked the court to compel his father John Mabone to settle the K200 debt.
John, 59, claimed that he wants his son Tabonga to move out of his house because he threatens to burn his family.
“He has been denting my name in the neighbourhood over the debt. He even insults me  in public over his K200. He stopped school in grade 10 and just spends his time drinking beer,” he complained.
He said Tabonga has become a delinquent who has also started stealing from the family.
“One day, I bought a new vehicle and my son stole the tyres. He also stole phones from his mother and his siblings. He also stole my clothes. I have five other children but Tabonga has given me a lot of problems,” he said.
John pleaded before the court to order his son to leave his house as he might do something he might regret.
But Tabonga said all he wanted from his father was his money. He said his stay with his father and step mother ever since he was seven years old has been unbearable.
Tabonga said he would rather live on the streets than at his father’s house where he had always been denied food.
The court after ordering John to pay back the K200, counselled Tabonga on the need to respect his parents.

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