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Father Bwalya backs Lungu on mines

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) central committee member Frank Bwalya has appealed to Zambians to support President Lungu’s appeal to the mines not to fire workers unnecessarily.
Father Bwalya (below) said in a statement yesterday that President Lungu must be supported for opposing the behaviour of some mining companies who are rushing to laying off workers when they experience operational challenges.
“President Lungu’s challenge to Mopani Copper Mines to hand over the mine to the government if they have failed to run it should be supported by all patriotic Zambians because it provides the right framework and philosophy in dealing with foreign investors,” Fr Bwalya said.
He said President Lungu’s position in opposing the behaviour of some mining companies is justified because they make huge profits when the price of copper is high.
“We accept the reality that foreign investors come to our country to make money. But we should never accept a situation where they would reap huge profits but abandon our people at the sight of challenges triggered by trends in the global economy,” Fr Bwalya said.
He said mining companies should demonstrate loyalty to people who work hard to make them generate huge profits when the price of copper is good.
“When they make windfall profits, they cheat and refuse to share the benefits with the miners.
“It is against this background that President Lungu’s bold stance should be commended and supported so that foreign investors, especially mining companies, can learn to treat us fairly,” Fr Bwalya said.
And STEVEN MVULA in Lusaka reports that Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) says the meeting it held with President Lungu while he was on the Copperbelt yielded results and pacified the students at higher institutions of learning.
ZANASU is the mother body of all students unions’ at institutions of higher learning.
The organisation’s vice-president Prince Ndoyi said the students are grateful that President Lungu took time to listen to their concerns while he was working from the Copperbelt.
“The meeting with the President has brought a great deal of hope amongst students. President Lungu showed concern over issues prevailing in higher learning institutions,” Mr Ndoyi said.
He said the primary purpose of the meeting was to exchange ideas on how best to resolve the challenges being faced by higher learning institutions.
Mr Ndoyi said the students expressed concern over bursary increment, firing of lecturers and expulsion of students, among other issues.
“As ZANASU, we are deeply elated with the seriousness President Lungu took on our issues and how open he was to admit where government had failed and how he was quick to instruct necessary government wings for intervention,” he said.
Mr Ndoyi said the President also advised the students to avoid demonstrations when they are aggrieved.
“President Lungu is indeed a humble man, but he is resolute. He is a father,” he said.
Mr Ndoyi urged students across the country to embrace dialogue and proper channels of communication.