Fashion, airtime and cars for Precious

PRECIOUS selling talk-time at Arcades in Lusaka

HAWKING airtime on the streets of Lusaka is such a hustle – exposed to the elements and dodging cars to avoid being run over, and dashing from vehicle to vehicle like a bee visiting flowers for nectar. And all that, for little returns.
While many may look down on this trade, for Precious Kapandula, it is serious business. And each morning she wakes up, she makes sure she dresses for it.
Although she does not make much from her daily sales of scratch cards – K70 per day on average – Precious loves keeping up appearances.
And she has turned the stretch of Great East Road between Manda Hill Mall and Arcades Mall into her catwalk, sporting a different eye-catching look each day. http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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