Farmers propose export of processed goat meat

THE SMALL Scale Farmers Union of Zambia has proposed that the country exports processed goat meat to Saudi Arabia as opposed to a raw product in order to add value and create jobs for the local people.
Association president Frank Kayula says the association is against the idea of exporting raw goats to Saudi Arabia as it is against government policy.
Saudi Arabia has requested 1 million goats from Zambia annually.
But Dr Kayula said in an interview that it would be difficult for the country to export and sustain local demand for goats.
“If you export raw goats, we will be exporting ‘jobs’, so we propose we export processed goat meat. We can engage our colleagues so they can specify the quality of meat and packaging details.
“Value addition to the goat meat will create jobs for youth and contribute to government’s quest to create wealth,” Dr Kayula says.
He doubts the country’s capability to export 1 million goats to Saudi Arabia due to lack of coordination among farmers.
Dr Kayula said farmer organisation is not well coordinated and this will make it difficult for the country to sustain exports and at the same time satisfy local demand.
“Moreover, we do not have the statistics on the population of livestock and goats in particular. The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) did try to coordinate small and medium-scale farmers, but it is a little difficult for them now due to financial challenges.
“The other thing that will hinder the successful export of goats is that farmers have not been given enough time to prepare for this cause,” Dr Kayula said.
He has since called for the formation of sustainable farmer groups to enable the country to meet the one million target.

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