Farmers enhance agri skills

THE Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products (ASNAPP), in partnership with the Rutgers University, is conducting a business training initiative for small-scale farmers to enhance their farming skills and boost agricultural development.
The business training programme that will be conducted under the Commercial Agribusiness for Sustainable Horticulture (CASH) is expected to benefit farmers from Lundazi, Chipata, Katete, and Petauke districts.
Rutgers University professor of agribusiness marketing Ramu Govindasamy said farmers need regular trainings to enhance their knowledge and understanding so they can start considering farming as a business.
“Rutgers University joined the ASNAPP team to train CASH farmers in business skills and entrepreneurship. The training was aimed at changing farmers’ mindsets and help them know how to decide which crops to plant, when to plant them, and the most profitable way to sell them,” he said.
He also said farmers need to know the importance of good record-keeping, farming inputs and production cost, so that farmers can analyse and compare the profitability of different crops at different times of the year.
Prof Govindasamy noted that most small-scale horticultural farmers do not normally manage their farms as businesses, yet farming is their main source of income. He said there is need for farmers to change their approach if they want to raise their standard of living.

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