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Farmer sentenced to death for murder

THE Kitwe High Court has sentenced to death by hanging, a 28-year-old peasant farmer of Lufwanyama on the Copperbelt for murdering his girlfriend’s brother-in-law on suspicion that he had influenced her to deny him custody of their child.
Mr Justice Isaac Kamwendo, on Tuesday sentenced to death Imbilanji Simwanza of Chinemena Farms in Lufwanyama after finding him guilty of murder.
Simwanza murdered Kenny Shiku of the same area on April 22 this year.
Mr Justice Kamwendo established that there was no provocation in the matter.
He said Shiku died due to injuries inflicted on him by Simwanza and that the convict did not sustain any injuries when the two engaged in a physical fight.
“The offences of murder are on the increase and there is need to send a strong message to would-be offenders. You will be hanged by the neck until pronounced dead by a medical practitioner,” Mr Justice Kamwendo said.
During trial, Peggy Lupiya, 22, testified that she has a child with Simwanza but he had not been giving them any support.
The court heard that on the material day, Simwanza went to the house of Mr Shiku where his girlfriend was living armed with an axe.
She testified that Simwanza demanded the child claiming that he had never seen her but she denied him access to the child as she was still young and needed the care of the mother.
Ms Lupiya testified that Simwanza left and that she followed him to his house in the company of her brother to talk to his family so that he could stop having unnecessary confrontations with her over the child.
when they arrived at his house, they found Simwanza with his sisters.
He became violent and started beating Mr Shiku.
She said Simwanza hit her brother repeatedly with a hoe handle until he became unconscious and died on the same day.

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