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Farm animals killed in fire

A KITWE-BASED farmer has been left traumatised after losing livestock worth over K250,000 in an inferno.
The incident, which happened on Tuesday, was started by a person who was trying to clear land at a neighbouring farm.
Farm proprietor Kildon Kombe said in an interview yesterday that the fire spread to his farm around
10:00 hours and destroyed over 1,000 chickens, quails, goats and dogs.
Mr Kombe said his farm workers were at the time of the incident tending crops at a distant garden.
“My caretakers just noticed smoke coming out at the farm and when they rushed there, they found everything gutted,” Mr Kombe said.
He said the charred chickens were ready for sell and some clients had ordered for the birds.
Mr Kombe has 15 employees and fears they will be negatively affected as he is unable to pay them.
He started farming nine months ago with the help of his siblings, who empowered him financially.
Mr Kombe implored Government and wellwishers to help him with funds to resuscitate agricultural activities at the nine hectares farm.