Letter to the Editor

Farewell Hon Munkonge, Hon Mwewa

Dear editor,
THE cold hand of death last Saturday robbed Zambia of two gallant lawmakers. These are Honourable Mwenya Munkonge, aged 52, an independent Member of Parliament (MP) for Lukashya constituency, and his Mwansabombwe Patriotic Front counterpart, Honourable Rodgers Mwewa.
The late lawmakers will be greatly missed by the country at large and the electorate in their respective constituencies due to the immense developmental projects they spearheaded.
Death is a mystery and it comes in different ways beyond human comprehension. No one knew that the two lawmakers would die on that fateful day, except God Almighty.
‘Abasuma baya kuli Lesa’, goes the Bemba adage. The adage implies that good people don’t live long.
The late Honourable Mwewa touched and transformed the lives of many orphans and the street kids at Fountain of Hope Orphanage, which he founded in 1997. The orphanage is in Kamwala South. It houses about 700 vulnerable children who access educational services and other life skills.
The demise of Mr Mwewa has left an indelible mark in the lives of many orphans and the former street kids. These children were being sponsored by late Honourable Mwewa at the orphanage.
My fervent wish and prayer is that the Fountain of Hope projects will be sustained and continue operating by rendering valuable services to the vulnerable children.
May the souls of the departed lawmakers rest in eternal peace!
They ran their race and fought a good fight of faith.

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