FAO tackles post-harvest losses

THE Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has embarked on a training programme for technical officers on the importance of reducing post-harvest losses to enhance the efficiency of marketing operations in the country.
FAO representative to Zambia George Okech said post-harvest loss is one of the causes of food insecurity and hunger especially, for countries in great need of food.
Mr Okech said FAO will continue supporting Government in assessing food losses for maize, soya beans, cassava and milk.
This is contained in a recent statement.
To this effect, FAO is organising regional, sub-regional and national workshops to equip specialised staff with knowledge on the stages of post-harvest losses.
“Under FAO Zambia, a number of projects have been funded and implemented to handle issues of post-harvest losses that occur at all stages in the post-harvest system from harvesting, through handling, storage, processing and marketing to final delivery to the consumer,” Mr Okech said.
He noted that if post-harvest loss can economically be avoided, it will be of great significance to growers and consumers alike.
Mr Okech said caution should be exhibited when harvesting produce such as fruits, vegetables and root crops because they quickly perish and become unfit for human consumption.
He said farming requires time and money, therefore farmers are an important player in developing the economy.

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