Family disowns father of ‘resurrected’ son

THE father of Mufalali Mufalali who is at the centre of a resurrection claim, has allegedly been disowned by family members, leaving police with no option but to hand him over to the social welfare department.
Kabalube Mufalali, who is in his 80s, is alleged to have sold his son Mufalali, 47, while the family members were meant to believe that he had died.
It is believed that Mufalali who was alleged buried on November 1, 2015, ‘resurrected’ on February 7, 2016.
Western Province commissioner of police Charles Lungu said here that Kabalube, who has been under police protection since the return of his son, has nowhere to go to after his family rejected him for his alleged act.
Mr Lungu said police have since engaged the social welfare to find him a home either in Sesheke or Livingstone.
He said plans to bring him to Mongu Old people’s home have been ruled out, as he might be attacked.
“The old man whom we have been keeping for his safety has now been rejected by his own family as no one wants to take him in. His case has since been handed over to the social welfare department as we cannot continue keeping him in custody,” he said.
And on the DNA test, Mr Lungu said the results will be ready next week.
Earlier, Mr Lungu said the blood samples collected from Mufalali, his father and daughter Masheke, 14, proved a group match.

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