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Fake PF member in court

A 40-YEAR-OLD man who was allegedly masquerading as a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for forging the party’s

identity cards when it does not give such cards to its members.
This is in a case in which Kelvin Mwamutanda, 40, a businessman of Ngwerere, is charged with forgery.
It is alleged that Mwamutanda on July 4, this year, in Lusaka, with intent to defraud or deceive, forged a PF identity card bearing number 659447/11/1 purporting to show that it was genuinely issued by the said political party when in fact not.
It is alleged that the said membership card was under the Katondo Branch and had his portrait and bearing his national registration card (NRC) number.
Mwamutanda was allegedly arrested on suspicion that he and two others were involved in some criminal activities and that it was at this point that he was searched and found with the same card and NRC.
It is also alleged that the PF was contacted through the secretariat over the said card and to verify Mwamutanda’s membership to the PF and whether the card was issued by the party.
It was allegedly revealed through the PF secretariat that the party does not issue membership cards to its members since its inception but instead keeps a register of its members.
It was also allegedly revealed that the PF secretariat denied having Mwamutanda on its members’ register or any of the party’s structures, adding that the card was false.

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