Letter to the Editor

Fake news has potential to destroy the country

Dear editor,
The proliferation of fake news in Zambia is a source of great concern. The fake news has potential to destroy the country.
There is hardly a day that would pass without fake news being shared on social media. Some people share fake news to create the impression that it is true.
Before delving into nitty gritties, let me expound what fake news is. Fake news is one which has no source and in some instances, names of the authors are not known.
Oftentimes, fake news targets public figures such as the ministers and the heads of State, among others. This does not imply that ordinary people are not a target.  Fake news is aimed at bringing the names of those being attacked into ridicule. This should not be condoned as a matter of fact.
Fake news can cause panic among the people if news being circulated is alarming. It is imperative that people should desist from believing any news circulating on social media without authenticating it. The source must be verified; it must be credible.
Fake news also has potential to erode foreign investor confidence.
Moving forward, the law enforcers should deal sternly with people in the habit of circulating fake news. They should be apprehended so that they can face the full wrath of the law upon being convicted.

Concerned citizen

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