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‘Fake’ investors found with case

TWO Indian investors and a Zambian immigration consultant who allegedly forged a bank statement they wanted to use to acquire an investment permit have been found with a case to answer by the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court.
The trio allegedly forged a bank statement to purport that they had US$250,000 in their account, when in fact not.
Roy Kunda, 41, an immigration consultant, Agarwal Kumar, 41, and Chawla Vineet, 41, both directors, are facing five counts of forgery and giving false information to a public officer.
On March 28 this year, Kunda allegedly made a false written statement to the Immigration Department that Kumar and Vineet had in their accounts held at Finance Bank Zambia and Barclays Bank Zambia US$250,000 financial capital to invest in Zambia, when in fact not.

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