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Faith Chibuye: … medical doctor in the making

EDUCATION is indisputably a powerful tool for personal development. Faith Chibuye a Grade 10 pupil at David Kaunda Technical School understands this very well, and is determined to undergo seven years of training at Zambia’s highest institution of learning to become a medical doctor. She shared her passion and aspirations with CHRISTINE CHISHA.:
Name: Faith Bwalya Chibuye
Age: 15 years old
Religion: Christian, member of the Tabernacle of Praise, a branch of Grace Ministries Mission
Q: How many are you in the family?
Ans: Am the second born in a family of three
Q: Which school do you go to?
Ans: David Kaunda Technical School
Q: What grade are you doing?
Ans: Grade 10
Q: What are some of your favourite subjects?
Ans: My favourite subjects are Mathematics, English and Biology.
Q: What do you want to become in life?
Ans: I want to become a medical doctor. My greatest desire is to be of help to other people. I will be happy if my dream came true. Schooling at a good school, I believe I will make it especially that God is on my side.
Q; which university do you want to study from?
Ans: I want to study at the University of Zambia though a scholarship to study abroad is welcome.
Q: Who is your inspiration?
Ans:  My inspiration is Ben Carson an American columnist and retired neurosurgeon. The successful operation of the siamese is something I admire about Dr Carson.
Q: Who is your role model and hero?
Ans: My hard working parents, Mr and Mrs Chibuye are my heroes while First Lady Christine Kaseba is also my role model. Her dedication to the medical field is something I admire and would love to follow in her footsteps. “Even after becoming First Lady she has not stopped serving people, especially those rural people.”
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: Studying and singing. I am also a member of the mathematics club.
Q: What is your favourite meal?
Ans: Pizza
In concluding, Faith urged other young people to be obedient, disciplined and to concentrate on education. “I believe in putting God first then education because God holds our future and with him on our side we can attain our education. Education helps one achieve their dreams and become independent”.

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