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Failure to send judokas to Gabon disappoints Lipimili

NATIONAL judo coach Moola Lipimili is disappointed that Mathews Punza and Boas Munyonga will not compete at the 2015 Africa Championship in Gabon.
The event slated for next weekend in Libreville is a qualifier for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.
In an interview yesterday, Lipimile said it is sad Punza and Munyonga will not travel to Gabon.
The two are based at a High Performance Centre in Uzbekistan.
The Zambia Judo Association announced that Punza and Munyonga will not compete at the event due to logistical problems.
Lipimili said he will not accept wild card slots for the Olympic Games should Zambia fail to get direct qualification.
“The Africa Judo Championship is a very important Olympic qualifier. Why send judokas to a High Performance Centre if they can fail to participate in the Africa Championship to help them qualify for the Olympics.
“No wild cards for judo because it defeats the purpose of sending judokas to the High Performance Centre to go and prepare,” he said.

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