Facts against fake news

IN POLITICAL circles, there are politicians who work tirelessly to discredit journalism, labelling any kind of contested news as fake news.

DANIEL SIKAZWE, Berlin, Germany
FAKE news finds home in our lives as much as a result of what happens as what does not happen. When we are affected by fake news, we argue for what our situation should have been – not this one – the one where a disagreeable story about us is out there.
To understand the big stories in which fake news exists, it is important to first understand the small stories and contexts that build it.
A report recently released by the Edelman Institute, which studies trust as social capital for national, corporate and societal development, paints a grim picture about citizens’ trust of what they read, hear or watch in the media.
The 2019 Edelman Trust barometer says that people in the developing world are pessimistic about the future.
The report further says that globally, people have shifted their trust from institutions of power to relationships within their control. So people are likely to trust their employers or friends than their political or community leaders.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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