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Face 2015 with lots of confidence

AT LAST you have crossed over to another new year. Say happy New Year to your friends, neighbours, family and yourself.
Celebrate for making it to 2015. Thank God for his goodness and making it possible for you to reach the new year. Cheers to a new year.
This year brings you many things and is full of things that have never been. Your success and happiness are at your doorstep. If you have never been happy in life this year you shall be very happy. If you have never succeeded in life this year you shall succeed and overtake those who have gone before.
The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written.
Take a leap of faith and begin this wondrous year by believing in yourself.
This is why I would like to encourage you to start this year by dreaming and setting your ambitions high.
Dreaming will empower you to have the will and courage to be on top of the world. Dreams could make you fly over your challenges and achieve your goals.
The other thing that I would like to encourage you to do this year is to plan your year.
King Solomon teaches us that the preparations (planning) of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue (achievements and success of the plan) is from the LORD.
He also teaches that we should submit our plans to the LORD and our thoughts would be established.
Hebrews says faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen. It is the conviction concerning the things we desire to have and the revelation of those things that are unseen but we command them into existence.
So, develop a personal development plan.  Such a plan could help you to reflect on your own learning, performance and achievements. It could assist you to plan your all-round personal, educational and career development. It would also assist you to record your personal achievements.
A personal development plan will also assist you in setting personal goals. Goals help keep us occupied and focused on a certain task, which in turn helps us have success.
Lastly, I would encourage you to learn from your mistakes. It is foolishness and madness to keep making the same mistakes year in, year out.
We all make mistakes. We all fail. But we should all learn from our mistakes, failures and errors.
You can only learn from a mistake after you admit you have made it. You can only learn from failures after accepting your weakness.  As soon as you start blaming other people you distance yourself from any possible lesson.
But if you courageously stand up and honestly say, “This is my mistake and I am responsible”, the possibilities of learning come to you. Admission of a mistake, even if only privately to yourself, makes learning possible by moving the focus away from the blame-game and towards understanding. Wise people admit their mistakes easily. They know progress accelerates when they do.
So the most important lesson in all mistakes we make is to trust that while mistakes are inevitable, if you can learn from the current ones, you will also be able to learn from future ones.
No matter what happens tomorrow you will be able to get value from it, and apply it to the day after that.
Progress will not be a straight line, but if you keep learning you will have more successes than failures, and the mistakes you make along the way will help you get where you want to go.
So let 2015 be a remarkable year. Go on to achieve your dreams. Happy new year!
The author is president of Zambian Society for Public Administration and Society for Family Business.

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