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Fabio speaks and dreams basketball

AT only 11 years, his vision is far beyond playing basketball in the United States of America but stretches back to his country of origin where he wants to be an ambassador.
Not only does he want to touch the lives of young basketball players but also help the needy in Zambia, the country where his parents emanate from.
As a fifth grader, Fabio Luca Basili, is already pushing his weight in one of America’s popular sport as a budding star.
His dream is to play in America’s National Basketball Association (NBA) league.
“Basketball is my passion and my dream is to play in the NBA, become successful and help the needy in Zambia,” he says.
Fabio is an American-born Zambian basketball player based in Orlando, Florida.
His father Fabrizio Basili is a Zambian born in Italy while his mother Brenda Mwansa is indigenous Zambian.
Fabio was born on September 21, 2003 in Orlando, Florida.
He is the first born in a family of two boys.
His younger brother Eli is four years old.
Fabio is a fifth grade student at Red Bug Elementary and hopes to get into college on a sports scholarship programme.
“School comes first. I want to complete my education, get in to college and continue with my basketball career. School is my priority,” he says.
Fabio started playing basketball at a tender age of four years.
Inspired by his father Fabricio, basketball is the sport he has always wanted to get involved in and it is so far the only sport he participates in at school.
He currently plays for the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and Central Florida Magic.
Widely considered to be the premier men’s basketball league in the world, Fabio believes his breakthrough in the NBA will accord him an opportunity to fulfil his dream of helping develop the sport in Zambia.
“My dream is to play in the NBA and if I make it I want to help people in need and schools in Zambia. I also want to do camps to help develop the sport in Zambia,” he says.
According to research, NBA players are the world’s best paid sportsmen.
Fabio’s dream of breaking through in to the NBA league is not only for his own personal gain and fame but feels it will be more meaningful if he contributes to the development of sport back home.
The NBA boasts of renowned players like Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce and Carmelo Anthony among others but Fabio gets his inspiration from Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving.
The Australian-born 22-year old player grew up in New Jersey and is one of the valuable players in the NBA.
“I like the way Kyrie Irving plays. He is one player that inspires me a lot in the NBA. Since my dream is to play in the NBA, I always look up to him for inspiration,” he adds.
He may not have been born in Zambia but his heart is Zambian.
Fabio visits Zambia every year and hopes to make any impact in the country that is dear to his heart.
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