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Eye specialist says Glaucoma ‘silent thief of sight’

EYE specialist Ganesh Subramaniam, says glaucoma eye disorders are a ‘silent thief of the sight,’ especially in Africa.
In a statement, Mr Subramaniam, who is general manager of Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital, said glaucoma is a painless, symptomless disease that is most common in Africa due to genetic reasons.
He said glaucoma eye disorders lead to the damage of optic nerve, resulting in permanent vision loss and blindness.
Mr Subramaniam who was conducting free eye check-up at the Zambia Daily Mail offices in Lusaka, said the disease is also hereditary and hence it is important for people with a history of glaucoma in the family to have their eyes checked regularly as a preventive measure.
“The only way glaucoma can be diagnosed is through a comprehensive eye check-up. Every year during the second week of March, the Ophthalmologic Society unites in spreading awareness about the effects and treatment of glaucoma,” he said.
He said the glaucoma awareness week is this year being commemorated from March 6 to 12 and during this period, Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital will offer free eye screening.