‘Extend fish ban, suspend classes to contain cholera’

THE Ministry of Health has advised provincial authorities in Luapula to extend the fishing ban and to suspend classes in schools to enable health personnel to combat cholera, which has broken out in some parts of Chienge and Luwingu.
In a statement availed to the Sunday Mail, Ministry of Health spokesperson Kennedy Malama said the measures should be taken for the benefit of the affected areas.
Dr Malama said the disease broke out in a fishing camp in Kefulwa village of Chienge district in Luapula Province.
So far, 27 cholera cases have been recorded in Chienge and Luwingu since the disease broke out on February 14.   No death has been recorded.
He said a cholera patient of Chienge fell ill in Luwingu as she was travelling from Chienge to Kasama.  She is admitted to hospital.
He said the ministry is working in collaboration with the provincial administration in Luapula to contain the disease.
“We are appealing to the authorities in Luapula to extend the fish ban so that we contain the outbreak quickly.  We are also suggesting that learning in the nearby schools be delayed for safety reasons,” Dr Malama said.

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