Letter to the Editor

Expulsion of Chengelo bullies good

Dear editor,
THE action taken by Chengelo school board to expel the two pupils who were filmed bullying a fellow pupil is commendable.

A strong message must be sent that schools are learning centres not thuggery centres.
We need to inculcate morals in our young people and discipline must not be spared when necessary.
The decision taken by the school will also save its face because the incident has no doubt raised concern among parents about the safety of their children in the school.
The action by the two boys has potential to take away from the school’s credentials and subsequently sustainability.
It is a known fact that private schools thrive on numbers. The more pupils the more revenue the school raises.
The bullying that took place has potential to compel parents with children at the school to withdraw them.
It is good that the school authorities have acted promptly. On the other hand parents have the responsibility to nurture their children into responsible citizens.
There is need for parents to invest more time in nurturing their children to avoid raising children who are going to be curse to society instead of a blessing.

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