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Explosives company demands $200,000

AN EXPLOSIVES supply company has sued Mabisa Resources Limited, a subsidiary of Consolidated Nickel Mines, demanding payment of almost US$200,000 outstanding balance for the supply of explosives to the mine.
Nash Explosives Limited also wants the Lusaka High Court to order Mabisa Resources Limited to pay it damages for
breach of contract.
In a statement of claim, Nash Explosives Limited states that Mabisa Resources Limited was at all material times its customer.
In May 2015, Nash Explosives Limited entered into a verbal agreement with Mabisa Resources Limited.
“The verbal agreement was finally reduced in writing of a letter of appointment asM supplier dated September 10, 2019 with the defendant [Mabisa Resources Limited] for the supply of explosives for a period of two years,” the statement reads in part.
Nash Explosives Limited states that pursuant to the supply agreement, the company delivered explosives whose total
invoiced amount was US$189,443.39. CLICK TO READ MORE

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