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Exploring mineral resources rich Kamfinsa constituency

KAMFINSA is one of the five constituencies in Kitwe district in Copperbelt Province and is rich in mineral resources.
Kamfinsa constituency is made up of Ndeke, Bupe, Kafue and Kamfinsa wards.
The constituency, which has a population of 86,834, is unique in the sense that it is peri-urban.
In Parliament, the people of Kamfinsa are represented by Moses Chishimba who was elected in 2011 on the Patriotic Front ticket.
Kamfinsa is home to Mwekera Falls, Kamfinsa Dam, Mwekera Forest Reserve, and Miyombo Dam among other natural resources.
Kamfinsa is also a critical food basket for Kitwe district in Copperbelt Province in general as many small-scale farmers live in this constituency.
Kamfinsa has also been identified as one of the sub-catchment areas in Zambia for water resource management because it boasts of rivers, dams, a forest and water falls. Kamfinsa Constituency is also home to one of the biggest prisons in Central Africa with a capacity to accommodate more than 2,000 prisoners.
Kamfinsa State Prison was built in 1961. Apart from the prison, the constituency is also home to the show grounds that hosts the annual Copperbelt Mining, Agricultural and Commercial Show.
The show attracts exhibitors from different parts of the country and the continent.
The major challenge experienced by the people of Kamfinsa constituency is inadequate water supply. Various residents spoken to complained that water rationing compromises the quality of their lives in terms of hygiene.
According to Dainess Nyirenda, a resident of Mukuba-Natwange township in Kamfinsa constituency, her area only receives running water for about 40 to 50 minutes in the morning and evening.
Ms Nyirenda complains that despite informing the service provider, Nkana Water and Sewerage Company about the water challenges, nothing has been done. Ms Nyirenda added that electricity rationing has exacerbated the water problem in the area because when there is no power, sometimes residents only have water for about 20 minutes a day.
Apart from water, residents cite lack of proper access to services in newly constructed areas as another challenge that they grapple with. Mulonga Tembo says access to “new mansions” is difficult because of lack of proper roads.
There are a lot of agricultural activities that take place in Kamfinsa Constituency.
The constituency has a total number of 88 cooperatives. 41 of those are in Kamfinsa area, 34 are in Mwekera while 13 are in Kakolo.
Kamfinsa, Mwekera and Kakolo make up the three farming zones in the constituency. There are 49 women’s clubs in the constituency involved in various productive activities aimed at sustaining their livelihood at household level.
Crop farming is prominent with many peasants involved in growing maize, soya beans, groundnuts and vegetables. Others are livestock farmers and are involved in rearing cows, goats and pigs.
These activities are more prominent in the rural parts of the constituency where they are done on a larger scale.
However, it is not uncommon to find backyard gardens in the peri-urban parts of the constituency. Poultry farming is also prominent with many people rearing either broiler chickens or free-range chickens popularly known as ‘village’ chickens.
The constituency has 13 government-run primary schools and two secondary schools namely Ndeke and Kamfinsa secondary schools.
This clearly indicates the need for more secondary schools to absorb most of the pupils that graduate from the primary schools.
Apart from primary and secondary schools, the constituency also has two tertiary institutions – the Zambia Forestry College in Mwekera and the Zambia School of Public Order Maintenance popularly known in kamfinsa as the Mobile Unit.
Kamfinsa has a total of four clinics namely Mwekera Clinic, Chavuma Clinic (at Kamfinsa prison), Mulenga Clinic and Ndeke Clinic.
Ndeke Village Clinic has been upgraded into a mini-hospital and works are still underway.
CDF funded projects
Several projects have been implemented using Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in the constituency. Among the projects that have been implemented under CDF include the procurement of a grader, construction of Ndeke Village Police Station, Ndeke Village market and a maternity wing at Mulenga Clinic.
Other projects are construction of Uweka Bridge, Zamtan police post, toilets in the holding cells at Zamtan police post and the electrification of Kafue Bride Primary School.
Under CDF, the constituency has also benefitted from the construction of Mwekera mothers’ shelter, Kamfinsa Clinic maternity wing, Mabote Mashimba Bridge, Chankalamo Bridge (under construction) and installation of water reticulation system at the police training college.
The construction of bus shelters in Zamtan and Ndeke, a mourners’ shelter in Kafue ward and construction of toilets at Changa Changa market in Ndeke are the other projects which have been implemented under CDF in the last four years.
Road infrastructure development
Kamfinsa Constituency has not been left out of the road construction and rehabilitation projects that are currently going on in all parts of the country.
Currently, there are some road projects being undertaken in the constituency.
These include Chitandiko Road, Twange Road, Zamtan Road, Shumbwa Road, and Shumbwa extension.
The roads that have already been tarred are Presidential Road, Tafuna Drive, Kamfinsa, as well as Miseshi-Natwange.
Fact file
Population:  86,834
Wards:  4
Current MP: Moses Chishimba (2011 to date)

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