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Expert tips small-scale miners

INADEQUATE knowledge, especially on the opportunities that exist in the extractive sector, has been cited as the major reason most small-scale miners fail to earn meaningful incomes, a geologist has said.
Association of Zambia Mineral Exploration Companies (AZMEC) energy, mineral and water councillor Nic Money said there is need to create synergies that will build capacity, provide resources and markets for sustainable development in the mining sector.
Mr Money said in an interview recently that a well-informed small-scale mining industry will result in wealth creation, equity and sustainability of the extractive sector as a whole.
“Small-scale miners are failing to develop because they do not have the techniques on how to proceed in terms of searching for more deposits, processing the material, and how to find ready markets for their products,” he said.
Mr Money urged Government to provide a hub that will enable smallholder miners easily access markets for their products.
He said currently, the geological and mining safety department not have sufficient tools to empower the small-scale miners in the country.
“We have been talking about the small-scale miners since independence and I think it is time we did something about this [issue]. Government should help small-scale miners to grow and generate enough income for themselves and the country,” Mr Money said.