‘Expedite MFEZ creation in L/stone’

PRIVATE Enterprise Programme - Zambia (PEPZ) programme manager Bayo Akindeinde (left ) and Grofin Zambia investment executive Chibamba Lopa during the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding.PICTURE : COURTESY of Langmead

THE Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has called on Government to quickly implement the formation of a multi economic facility zone (MFEZ) in Livingstone to attract more investors in the tourist capital.
LCCI president Miles Daka said the chamber has been engaging the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry over the establishment of the MFEZ for the last two years to enhance investment opportunities in Livingstone.
Mr Daka said in a statement on Monday that the establishment of an MFEZ will attract investment in the various economic sectors such as manufacturing, agro processing and tourism industries among others.
“The MFEZ should not remain on paper but, speedily implemented to avoid the town from down grading further economically. Livingstone being the tourist capital needs a multi-purpose production facility for effective tourism marketing.
“The establishment of the facility will improve investment in areas like arts and cultural infrastructure thereby improving the competitiveness of Zambia as a tourism destination.” Mr Daka said.
He also said Livingstone has the potential to attract investment in the manufacturing and agro-processing sectors because of infrastructure development in the area.
He commended the recent refurbishment of the Mulobezi rail line which will ease the transportations of commodities and raw materials.
“The rehabilitated rail line in Mulobezi will entail a smooth flow of raw materials in form of timber and other commodities from Mulobezi. Therefore, this will attract setting up of furniture manufacturing plants and a juice processing plants,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Daka said the relocation of the provincial capital from Livingstone in Southern Province to Choma has increased the cost of the doing business in the tourist capital.
“The transferring of the provincial capital to Choma has continuously brought challenges to the business community. One of them is the cost of doing business which has gone up, for example travelling from Livingstone to Choma to process business papers with Government adds an extra cost ” he said.

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