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‘Expedite climate change projects’

From BRIAN MALAMA in New York, USA
GOVERNMENT has called on industrialised countries to scale up mobilisation of finances for climate change mitigation and adaptation projects in developing nations.
Speaking when he addressed the United Nations (UN) Climate Change summit here on Tuesday, Minister of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Mwansa Kapeya reiterated Government’s commitment to propagating the objectives of the Convention on Climate Change.
“We are calling on  industrialised countries to scale up mobilisation of finances for mitigation and adaptation projects in developing countries,” Mr Kapeya said.
He implored Western countries to take a leading role by committing themselves to global initiatives on climate change.
The minister said adaptation of adverse impacts of climate change remains Zambia’s first priority.
Mr Kapeya said Zambia is currently implementing its National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) designed to address urgent needs on climate change.
“As a country, we have carried out an assessment of required technologies for mitigation and adaptation. We therefore call for support to implement these strategies and contribute to global efforts,” Mr Kapeya said.
Government has put in place measures to reduce emissions through promotion of sustainable management of forests and enhancement of carbon sinks through national tree-planting and development of the REDD+ strategy.
Zambia is in the process of finalising formulation of a national policy on climate change to provide guidance on how to grow the economy in a low carbon resilient and sustainable manner.
“We are scaling up use of renewable energy such as solar, biogas, small and mini-hydro-power and energy conservation,” Mr Kapeya said.