Letter to the Editor

Expansion of Mungwi Road long overdue

Dear editor,
MUNGWI Road which stretches from Lumumba Road near Government Stores to Mwaka Lodge in Lusaka West, had been in deplorable state for a long time.

This made it impassable for vehicles because of some potholes on the road. The situation would becomes worse during the rainy season.
However, this is no longer the case. This is because Government, through the Road Development Agency (RDA), contracted Avic International, a Chinese construction firm, to transform this road into a dual carriageway. The road construction project by the Chinese firm is progressing very well. This is good development.
This development is long overdue and it has elated the users. The dual carriageway will reduce congestion. The wear and tear on the vehicles using this road will significantly reduce.
This road is a busy one as there are many companies in that part of Lusaka, namely Zambian Breweries Plc, Good Time Steel Limited, Varun Beverages Zambia Limited, Zambeef Plc, Pembe Milling Zambia Limited, to mention but a few.
These firms contribute towards the economic well-being of Zambia through remittance of various taxes.
In Lusaka West, there are many commercial farmers who will also benefit from this newly constructed road, which is nearing completion, by transporting their farm produce to the market in town.
The expansion of Mungwi Road will benefit the motorists through smooth flow of vehicles. Ultimately, congestion will significantly reduce. Better still, the quality of this road is good and this entails durability.

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