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Exes squabble over house

A 28-YEAR-OLD woman of Lusaka’s Kamanga Township has sued her former husband for property sharing.
This is in a case in which Media Lungu has sued her former husband Alick Lungu for property sharing.
Media, 28, told the Chelstone Local court that she lived with Alick, 36, for 10 years and divorced on July 2, 2015.
Media said she needed the court intervention over sharing of property acquired during their marriage.
One of the property is a four-room house which has the electricity bill in her name.
She told the court that Alick has been giving excuses regarding the ownership of the house in question saying, it was Alick’s brother who is based in Ndola.
But Alick told the court that the house was a family house, bought by his brother in Ndola.
And Senior Presiding magistrate Hope Mwila ordered Alick to bring to court his brother from Ndola to testify over the matter.
The case was adjourned to August 7, 2015.

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