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‘Exempt agro sector’

THE Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has proposed the exemption of the agriculture sector from Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Rule 18 which requires that exporters apply for import certification of agricultural produce.
This proposal was made in the union’s submission to the Ministry of Finance for possible consideration in the 2015 national budget, to be presented next month.
ZRA Rule 18 requires exporters to, among other things; obtain copies of import documents for the goods bearing a certificate of importation into the country of destination provided by the customs of that country.
ZNFU states that Zambia is trying to break into export markets but producers and exporters have no control on foreign country customs authorities.
The union alleges that this requirement by ZRA makes it impossible for them to obtain certified import documents in the country of destination.
According to ZNFU, the difficulty to obtain certified import documents in the country of destination adds to the cost of doing business, and delayed payments of value added tax (VAT) claims.
The union notes that  Government will not lose revenue by implementing the proposed measure.

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