Letter to the Editor

Exchange soiled kwacha notes at banks

Dear editor,
MEMBERS of the public are often in possession of torn and worn-out kwacha notes and have difficulties to transact. I write to educate the general public that in pursuit of clean note policy, the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) actually encourages and appeals to all traders, marketeers and all businesses to exchange torn and soiled banknotes for clean ones at all registered commercial banks nearest to you free of charge.

All banknotes have a limited lifespan once issued in circulation, which is dependent on the handling and care of the general public as the notes are subject to tear and wear and get soiled. The Central Bank appeals to the public to exchange such notes so that we continue to use clean kwacha notes.

Further, BoZ encourages both account holders and non-account holders to freely walk into any commercial bank and exchange the soiled kwacha notes for clean ones. All the bank tellers are obliged to observe the BoZ clean note policy and never refuse to exchange the torn Kwacha notes.
University of Lusaka


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