Exam malpractices rife in rural areas – ECZ

EXAMINATION Council of Zambia (ECZ) has attributed exam malpractices to dilapidated school infrastructure especially in rural areas.
ECZ corporate affairs officer Ronald Tembo said desperation by pupils who may not have adequately prepared for exams is another contributing factor to cheating.
Mr Tembo said most pupils who engage in malpractices take advantage of existing crumbling structures by breaking in and stealing exam papers.
Speaking at the just-ended 88th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show, Mr Tembo said ECZ has since put in place tight security measures to eliminate exam malpractices.
“We have also engaged structures on the ground from the Ministry of Education at district, provincial and national security committees that are very vigilant to ensure there is no break-ins at schools. We also want to appeal to administrators to ensure that pupils in examination classes complete their syllabus on time to avoid them panicking during exams,” Mr Tembo said.
He urged pupils to avoid cheating as it leads to serious consequences of a jail sentence, or fine as well as being disqualified from writing exams for two years.
“It does not matter whether a pupil has a wrong paper [leakage] or the right one, what we punish them for is the intention to cheat. This is why teachers should ensure that they complete their syllabuses, exams are easy because what comes is only from the syllabus so it does not call for worry for those who have studied hard,” he said.
And Mr Tembo said will soon open the State of The Art Service Center in Lusaka which will be offering various services to the public.
Among the services will include remarking of examination scripts, general enquiries on ECZ and verification of results.

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