Exam cheating be classified under capital offences

NATHAN Mulenga.

MARRIAGE is an institution that has been sanctified by the good Lord Almighty and we see young people fulfilling that which He, the Creator, has sanctified apart from being filled with joy.There is a saying about love and marriage; love is temporary insanity curable by marriage.
Love at first sight is easy to understand, it’s only when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle.
We are all born, but what we choose to ignore is the fact that birth is a journey, to which once we embark on it, there is no possibility of returning.
We pass through several facets of life on this journey. What we ought to know is that these are just stations we are all, with no exception, bound to pass through but what is cardinal is that as we are passing through, we are painting or drawing our legacy.
What defines us after we have departed is the legacy we leave behind. The starting point in legacy building is a family.
This is paramount and is the basis for the creation of the institution of marriage.
Remember, in the beginning, He created the earth and later, He then created a human being. He created other living creatures.
In His own wisdom, God gave a human being dominion powers over other creatures He put on earth.
He, however, gave specific instructions to this human being to establish institutions of learning called schools, saying “only when you acquire among yourselves education, will you be able to appreciate the gift of life I have given you and the importance of living in harmony with each other because you will be full of knowledge”.
This is why today, it is universally acknowledged that knowledge is power and with it, all is possible.
I want to add my own weight to this fact by way of agreeing that, yes, a knowledgeable person is wiser, loyal, disciplined, dedicated and committed. With all these qualities, love for our own country kicks in and with this love, patriotism is born.
Sadly, we do have among ourselves parents who relish investing ignorance in their offspring.
Some parents, in their own manner of showing love to their children, decide not to inculcate discipline and abandon their duty of preaching about the importance of school.
They allow their children to attend school only as a pastime. Come examination time, without a conscience of guilt, they freely solicit for a leakage and gladly give their children. The child gets ‘flying colours’ but painfully not in the grey matter.
The story does not end here. Some parents further, at the expense of the deserving and well-qualified persons, secure positions in industry, trade, commerce and indeed Government. What a tragedy.
I am not a lawmaker, but given a chance, I would propose that exam cheating be classified under capital offences. I resist being precise, but if allowed, I would say it should be classified as murder.
I am not ashamed and it is not my wish to be sensational. I am merely stating a serious matter of concern about our beloved country.
Our loving and merciful God has emphatically stated in His book, the Holy Bible, that ‘my people are dying due to lack of knowledge’.
What we do then, by our acts I have just described, are clear acts of murder. We are quick to unfairly condemn our hard-working Government of how allegedly corrupt, insensitive, nepotistic and tribalistic it is. We have forgotten that we sowed the original seed of sin in our offspring.
The God our Lord, who is very passionate about our earth in general and our country in particular, for our sake, feels very insulted.
He is telling us, straight in our face, that Government is not to blame, we the people are to blame. Is this our legacy leading our country to a total failure or is it our legacy to lead this country to prosperity?
I leave this to all of us, knowing that before us is a pending judgment and He who created us is the Judge.
The author is a Zambia National Service commandant.

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