Letter to the Editor

Ex-ZRL worker’s widow appeals for help

Dear editor,
PLEASE help me, Zambia Daily Mail.  I am writing this letter because I have seen the way many people have been helped by just writing a letter to your newspaper.
My late husband was working for the Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) and was fired from employment after working for 21 years because he bought some goods which he did not declare to customs officers at the border and his train was impounded.
He was detained and went to court.
He appealed to the company, but his case was rejected, he then went through one prominent lawyer here in Zambia and the case was in the Industrial Relations Court where it dragged on for years.
The lawyer was too busy with high-profile cases and my husband’s case never came up for hearing until he died of depression.
I went to the courts and was told I needed to go back to the lawyer, but I was later told that the case had been closed.
I have suffered a lot in raising our children as a single parent.  Will you kindly help me? Maybe someone may help me.

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