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Ex-ZAF boss’ widow dragged to court over money

PARTIES in a case late Zambia Air Force (ZAF) deputy commander Kapotwe Chintu’s widow, Kafula, has been sued for allegedly depriving her husband’s grandson and other relatives of over K700,000 have been asked to reconcile.
Lusaka resident magistrate Felix Kaoma ordered the parties to consider reconciliation which the courts also promote.
Magistrate Kaoma gave them three weeks in which to meet for the purpose of reuniting after which they should report back to court.
“In line with section eight of the CPC [Criminal Procedure Code], I have power to promote reconciliation.
“I will give you three weeks after which you will report whether we proceed [with trial] or parties have reached a settlement,” the court ordered.
Magistrate Kaoma made the ruling on Wednesday after a witness informed him that the aggrieved family has been trying to settle the matter outside court but the accused has allegedly been uncooperative.
This is in a case Evalista Kafula, of 110 Independence Avenue, in Lusaka, is accused of depriving her husband’s grandson, a minor and seven other relatives of their entitlement. CLICK TO READ MORE

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