Ex-MMD minister commends Lungu’s development drive

FORMER deputy minister of Education in the MMD government Chrispin Musosha has commended President Lungu for continuing to implement developmental projects initiated by late President Sata in rural areas.
Mr Musosha, who is also former Mansa Central Member of Parliament, said in an interview in Lusaka recently that those attacking President Lungu over the economy are not being sincere because they are ignoring his efforts to improve the lives of Zambians.
“President Lungu is working hard to improve the lives of Zambians. He deserves praise for continuing with all the projects he inherited from late President Sata. He is a hard-working and peace-loving president whose humility is unprecedented,” he said.
Mr Musosha cited road projects in Luapula, Central and Southern provinces which have continued without any disruption following President Lungu’s ascendancy to the presidency.
“In Southern Province, projects such as the Niko Road and Bottom Road are on course. In Central Province, there are many roads such as Mumbwa-Itezhi-Tezhi while in Laupula, I can mention the Kawambwa-Chipili-Luwingu, Chiengi-Kaputa, Nchelenge-Lunchinda, Musaila-Lubwe-Kasaba and Mansa-Matanda roads.
“These are just a few among the many projects that are running under the leadership of President Lungu,” he said.
Mr Musosha said it is important for all Patriotic Front members to explain Government’s policies and programmes wherever they are because there is enough evidence for them to point at.
“We have never seen the kind of development the PF government has generated since it assumed power in 2011, which we must all support,” he said.
Mr Musosha urged all PF and MMD MPs and ministers to defend President Lungu instead of leaving the task to Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba and chief government spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili.

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