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Ex-convict demands wife back

AN EX-CONVICT of Kitwe has narrated before the Bulangilo local court how he found his wife married to another man after he served a

one-year jail sentence.
This is in a case in which Kaunda Kaoma, 32, sued Haggai Mumba, 34, seeking compensation for committing adultery with his wife, Clara Chifwembe, 22, of Kitwe.
Kaoma told the court that he married Chifwembe in 2015 after he paid dowry and the two have a son.
He said thereafter, he was imprisoned for a year for theft and was released this year.
Kaoma told the court that after serving his jail term, he went to his mother-in-law’s house to inquire about his wife and he was told that she had gone to the market.
He said when he called his wife on her mobile phone, she told him that she was married to another man and he should not bother her.
“I was in a state of shock when my wife informed me that she got married to another man because I cannot remember separating from her,” he said.
Kaoma said he had to sue Mumba for adultery because he never divorced his wife nor separated from her.
But Mumba denied committing adultery with Chimfwembe saying he was not aware that she was still married to Kaoma.
He told the court that he had even paid K150 dowry to Chifwembe’s wife knowing very well that she was no longer married to Kaoma.
But Chimfwembe claimed Mumba was her only husband and had nothing to do with Kaoma.
She told the court that she was separated from Kaoma even before he was imprisoned because of his habits of stealing and deserting their matrimonial home.
Chimfwembe said when her family decided to return the dowry to her in-laws, they rejected it.
But magistrate Kambole Nyoni concluded that Mumba committed adultery with Chimfwembe because the dowry which Kaoma’s family paid for her hand in marriage was never returned.
Magistrate Nyoni ordered Mumba to compensate Kaoma with K3,000 to be paid in monthly instalments of K250.