Letter to the Editor

Every indigenous Zambian must own land

Dear editor,
“ONE land and one nation is our cry, dignity and peace underneath Zambia’s sky…”, are the words we sing in our national anthem. The national anthem was coined at a time the country was fighting for its independence from colonial rule.
Land, in all its meanings, is what our forefathers fought for. Unfortunately, 54 years after our country gained independence, many Zambians are without land which they can point at as their own.
There is need for the Ministry of Lands to ensure that our traditional rulers do not abuse their authority, especially in the issuance of land to foreigners.
The need for every Zambian household to own at least an acre behind their backyard is becoming more and more necessary, especially in view of the Seventh National Development Plan (SNDP).
It therefore goes without saying that time is already ripe to ensure that each household acquires a piece of land to call their own.
One Bemba adage says: ‘Ukwali insoke, takwafwile muntu’, literally meaning “to be forewarned is to be forearmed”. Ministry of Lands and traditional rulers, please take heed.
Kapiri Mposhi

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