EU to help transform Zambia’s agriculture

FILE PICTURE: EUROPEAN Union delegation leader ambassador Alessandro Mariani (left) with COMESA secretary general Sindiso Ngwenya during the signing ceremony of a €4.485 million technical cooperation facility to help support the implementation of regional integration. PICTURE: ANGELA NTENTABUNGA.

THE European Union (EU) says it is prepared to support the development of an environment that is required for Zambia’s agriculture to transform into one of the main drivers of economic growth and poverty reduction.
EU ambassador to Zambia and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Alessandro Mariani said this in Lusaka on Tuesday during the signing ceremony of a €10 million financing agreement for the 2nd Performance Enhancement Programme.
“Today we want to do more, better and faster in full recognition that the agriculture sector is a primary source for the very much-needed diversification of the Zambian economy,” he said.

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