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EU project removing bottlenecks at borders

BECAUSE of its central location, Zambia is increasingly becoming a trade hub in the sub-region, and its borders, which open up to other regional markets such as the Great Lakes, are becoming busier by the year.
Take Chirundu One-Stop Border Post (OSBP), which is the gateway to Zimbabwe and one of Zambia’s biggest partners, South Africa, for instance. The border now clears an average of 400 trucks importing various goods from Zimbabwe and South Africa into Zambia, and about 600 trucks exporting goods on a daily basis.
Added to that, over 700 border passes are issued daily to small-scale traders going into Zimbabwe from Zambia selling assorted vegetables and fruits.
But handling such huge volumes of cargo and people comes with its own challenges.
Like other entry points in the country, this border continues to experience infrastructural challenges that undermine trade facilitation and CLICK TO READ MORE