EU happy with Zambia safety aviation standards

THE European Union (EU) is impressed with steps being taken by the local Civil Aviation Authority to satisfy international aviation safety standards that will allow Zambian registered airlines to enter European airspace.
In 2009, Zambia was among other 20 states and a total of 294 airlines that were banned from EU skies, citing safety concerns due to alleged poor maintenance and regulatory oversight standards.
But EU head of co-operation to Zambia Aad Biesebroek said the ban is formally in place although the EU is providing support focusing on compliance with international standards.
“We are impressed with the steps being taken by the Civil Aviation Authority, which has replaced the department of civil aviation. They are making progress and they have submitted plans on how they are building capacity”.
The EU International Civil Aviation Authority Organisation (ICAO) blacklisted Zambian registered planes from entering the European airspace following an audit conducted under the Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme, which observed significant safety concerns.

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