Etiquette in today’s society

Title: Traditional Zambian Etiquette for Modern Living, Youth Edition (vol. 1)
Author: Marita Banda
Pages: 201
Genre: Non-fiction
MARITA Banda’s book, Traditional Zambian Etiquette for Modern Living, Youth Edition (Vol. 1), is a well-researched and superbly written book whose subtext, as can be seen from the title, is about traditional Zambian etiquette and manners.
It is also about how these can be harnessed and blended in modern society to avoid any unnecessary embarrassing situations and awkward moments in our daily interactions with one another through the creation of harmonious relationships by always endeavouring to do that which is comme il faut.
The first comprehensive work of its kind by a Zambian writer, Traditional Zambian Etiquette for Modern Living, offers, in addition to other topics of general interest, a smorgasbord of wisdom nuggets on etiquette gleaned from various African traditions, a bibliography and a glossary at the end.
The book also provides invaluable guidelines on etiquette in such diverse settings as the home, school, workplace, places of worship, library, sporting events, funerals, road usage, dress code and grooming, dining, dating, and communication, especially in so far as it applies to social media and the internet.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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