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Esnala Banda’s Sketches of Paranoia

Author: Esnala Banda
Titled: Sketches of Paranoia
Publisher: Acrostics Book Company
Genre: Poetry
Editor: Simon Longwe
Pages: 93
LUSAKA – Blogger, Afro-creative and Ngoma Award winner 2019 in the Creative Writing category for the Most Outstanding Poetry Esnala Banda’s debut book Sketches of Paranoia is a fertile collection of poetic art with an amazing and eclectic literary energy. However, it is still crying out on subject and topic variation to the buffet.
The collection has six book sections taking the reader from classical Latin mythology of Cupid; the god of desire… god of erotic love, attraction and affection to the author’s reflections on the confessions, strength and resilience in a conflicting love scenario, but gives so much to youthful blissful and uncertainty love.
It has mincingly very little on nature, politics or other equally important thematic exploration of literary interest.