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Erect speed humps near Lumumba Bus Station

DEAR editor,
I WOULD like to commend Avic International, the Chinese company contracted by the Zambian government to construct some roads in the country for the good works.
Lumumba Road which stretches from Mandevu junction on Great North Road to Kafue Road on Down Town Mall is one of the roads being constructed by Avic.
The construction firm is doing a commendable job in delivering quality roads. Lumumba Road has been constructed well and is now a dual carriageway.
Furthermore, vehicles can now move freely without congestion.
However, some motorists are over speeding on this road especially between Lumumba Bus Station and City Market.
These motorists do not consider people crossing the wide stretch between Lumumba Bus Station and Autoworld, putting people’s lives at risk.
Last week I witnessed a scenario where a pedestrian was almost hit by the fast moving vehicle.
This was when she was crossing Lumumba Road from Autoworld to the Lumumba Bus Station side.
In view of the above, I earnestly request RDA through Avic International management to consider erecting speed humps in the mentioned area.
This will prevent lives from being lost at the hands of over speeding motorists particularly mini bus drivers.
The quicker this is done the better.

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