Letter to the Editor

ERB should check fuel gauge meters on the Copperbelt

Dear editor,
I AM calling upon the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to check fuel gauge meters on the Copperbelt.
Here is my experience: On Saturday February 1, 2020, on my way to Lusaka, I passed through a filling station and refuelled for K1,400 (tank not full), drove up to Kabwe and the tank was empty.
Then I had to refuel again in Kabwe for K400 and reached Lusaka with an empty tank.
In total, I spent K1,800 to reach Lusaka with an empty tank.
Now, hear this: on my way back to Chingola, I refuelled in Lusaka for K1,400 and the tank was full.
I drove all the way and reached Chingola with a quarter full tank.
I am confused. I feel these fuel dealers on the Copperbelt are stealing from motorists. Anyone who had a similar bizarre experience?

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