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Equip children with life-saving skills

Children’s Corner with PANIC CHILUFYA
ONE of the most important jobs of a parent is to teach their children life-saving skills that will enable them to survive anywhere.
One of these skills is their ability to introduce their children to God. This is one of the greatest gifts they can ever bestow on their offspring.
When parents encourage their children to form that personal relationship, they will have positively impacted on their children’s lives.
For any relationship to succeed, developing communication is the main requisite, and once they develop that personal relationship with God, they are more likely to succeed in their chosen path.
Even when they encounter challenges or tribulations, they will not be discouraged because of the special bond they have with God.
It has never been easy being a Christian, especially for young people with so many distractions, but it is heart-warming to note that more and more of them are now offering their lives to God.
In the past, Christianity was associated with the older generation, but the trend is changing with the youth ministry now playing a critical role in most denominations.
It is a fact that when young people have a strong and personal walk with God, they are not likely to indulge in activities that are often frowned upon in society.
Most times, Christian youth can make a difference amongst their peers because they often have the right attitude which always reflects the goodness of God.
They have the ability to show humility even in difficult situations. They strive to grow into caring individuals by setting a positive example, whether at home, school or the workplace.
They also have the ability to reach out to those in need and by treating everyone equally regardless of one’s background.
Young people are usually more truthful and obedient to authority even if this might cost them their friendships and relationships.
Through church activities, young people are encouraged to utilise their time wisely. It has been said time and again that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop; when individuals have too much time on their hands, they often end up in trouble. But when time is used constructively, young people tend to be active and industrious, which in turn helps to make the parenting journey less challenging.
This is not to say that not all young people who develop a godly relationship are exemplary in behaviour; not at all. In certain cases, some young people still misbehave in spite of having a Christian foundation. It is, therefore, advisable to interrogate bad behavior. It could be a cry for help.
However, this should not be taken to mean that all young people who are not affiliated to any denomination are not well-behaved; there are some of those whose behaviour is always above board and they, too, deserve commendation for being exemplary in their behaviour.
Remember, children are our future. Until next week, take care.
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