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Ephraim’s neutral stance gets mixed reactions


WHILE other artistes have taken advantage of the August 11 general elections campaign fever to make money, adored gospel singer Ephraim The Son of Africa has decided not to attend any political party campaign.
“I am non-partisan so am not going to any political campaign because I am an artiste so, I should be as neutral as possible. God bless Zambia,” reads a Facebook posting on the Tetintwishike singer’s page.
Within a few hours, the posting attracted hundreds of likes and comments from Ephraim’s fans, many supporting his ‘neutral’ stance.
Ricky Chibs’ comment reads: “You are wise Sir. Your stance is good. you are a gospel artiste; you represent and teach Christ in your songs, not entertain people or manipulate voters. It’s the reason you are my favorite Zambian gospel artiste. God bless you Son of Africa”.
But other followers urged the ‘I need You More’ vocalist to reconsider his decision, arguing that political campaign rallies could be a platform for him to ‘campaign for [Jesus] Christ’.
“Go there sir and do what no another Gospel artiste has done and that is to promote Christ…because what these other artistes do, is just to promote the Presidential candidates. It can be an opportunity for someone to give his or her life to Christ….your ministry is powerful and you campaign for Christ…and don’t you think for them [politicians] to have considered you, they need spiritual guidance? Just thinking,” John Nkumbu Mwamba wrote.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, the Son of Africa felt taking a partisan stance could have a negative effect on his followers.
The artiste says he will only use his God-given talent to promote peace and unity during campaigns for the general elections.
“As much as I may support the government in power, I feel I need to be [politically] neutral to avoid misleading my fans since gospel music is very sensitive,” the I Need You more singer said.
On his dedication to preach peace, the award winning singer has since produced a song titled Twakana Ichongo, which denounces political violence.

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