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Ensure biosecurity, poultry farmers urged

POULTRY farmers have been urged to plan ahead and ensure a biosecurity programme is followed if they are to benefit from the high demand of the product.
Poultry Association of Zambia (PAZ) says as the festive season approaches, there is usually high demand for chickens by the public and this works to the advantage of farmers to generate more income.
According to PAZ latest newsletter availed to the Daily Mail, several hatcheries and feed millers have already started conducting trainings on summer brooding and therefore, poultry farmers should take advantage of then programmes to upgrade their skills.
“As the season heads towards the peak period, poultry farmers, especially small-scale ones are being urged to plan their placement programmes in advance and ensure a proper biosecurity programme is adhered to,” the statement reads.
On day-old-chicks, the association says the national average price has remained at K5.41 for over four months.
Meanwhile, the national average price for broilers, ex-layers and free-range (village) chickens last week was K43.73, K37.43 and K57.40 per bird, respectively.
However, the retail prices of table eggs in selected towns around the country were static with farm gate prices ranging between K23 to K25 per tray.
PAZ also says as the production heads towards peak season, it is anticipated that the price movement might be very flat resulting from over-supply.
A check in selected chain stores around Lusaka revealed that the average price of whole frozen chickens remained relatively stable averaging K27.49 per Kilogramme (kg), with the lowest priced chicken at K24.99 per kg, and the highest going for K28.99 per kg.

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