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Over-enrolment blamed for poor grades

TEACHER unions have observed that over-enrolment in schools on the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces have contributed to the low pass rate witnessed during the 2015 grade nine and 12 examinations.
In an interview, Basic Teachers Union of Zambia (BTUZ) secretary-general Geoffrey Simuntala said over-enrolment in schools in the two provinces has resulted in the low pass rates.
Mr Simuntala said congestion in schools has greatly contributed to high pupil-teacher ratio.
He said increasing indiscipline levels among pupils has also contributed to low pass rates and called on parents and guardians to help instil discipline into children.
“Parents need to come on board and help; there is lack of discipline among our pupils. They must be self-motivated if we are to change the results of our grade nine’s and 12s,” Mr Simuntala said.
And Zambia National Teachers Union (ZNTU) secretary-general Newman Bubala reiterated calls for schools on the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces to be de-congested.
Mr Bubala said people who migrate prefer to settle either in Lusaka or on the Copperbelt hence the congestion being experienced in the two provinces. He called for the expansion of schools in the two provinces and recruitment of more teachers.
“We are happy to note that Government will be recruiting more teachers. It is our appeal that more teachers will be deployed in the two provinces. Yes, rural schools also face such challenges but not when compared to schools in urban areas,” Mr Bubala said.

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